What is arch support?

You probably have heard of arch support, but if you haven’t we would like to explain what foot arch and arch support are. 

The arch of your foot is the curved part of the inside of each of your feet. It varies in size and shape between people, but your arches are most likely very similar on both of your feet.

The arches of your feet help you move efficiently and comfortably throughout the day. They cushion your step and help to distribute body weight across your feet and legs. Arches have to be sturdy and flexible so they can adapt to different kinds of surfaces. If you never develop arches, you suffer from a condition called flat feet which means the entire bottom of your feet touches (or nearly touches) the ground when standing. If you have flat feet, your feet may roll to the inner side when standing and walking. This may cause pain in your feet. 

Supporting your arches can be very important if you would like to prevent foot pain. It is tricky to find shoes with good arch support but finding such slippers can be nearly impossible.

Arch support

House slippers with arch support

MadeByBears slippers slippers are made of 2 layers of 5 mm thick wool felt which makes them very comfortable to wear. Because of their design, they fit people with wider feet as well. What you can rarely see in slippers is that they provide arch support. The slippers will give you stability on the inside of the foot where the arch tends to collapse (if you have flat feet), which will prevent excessive inward rolling. Slippers with arch support may not completely cure your foot problems, but they ease strain and stress on your feet which will make you feel a lot better. We think it is worth trying them out.  

House slippers with arch support

Try a pair of MadeByBears slippers with arch support and give your feet a wonderful rest!

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